Fun Stuff To Do: Random Acts of Kindness for December

Doing random acts of kindness is a good thing to do anytime of year and making this a project for yourself or your family in the month of December is extra special. After all, who couldn’t use a little extra kindness? Here is a plan that you allows for month-long giving:

December 1 – Make a card for a senior citizen who is living in a nursing home or rehabilitation center. You don’t have to know the person. Just deliver it or mail it to the facility and ask them to give it to someone who could use an extra smile.

December 2 – Anonymously pay for a stranger’s coffee.

December 3 – Create a hug coupon for someone to use when they could use some extra love.

December 4 – Go to the library and slip a happy note such as “Hope you are having a great day!”  into a book for someone to find.

December 5 – Tape change to the front of a vending machine.

December 6 – Pick up litter in your neighborhood.

December 7 – Take supplies to the animal shelter. 

December 8 – Deliver a small Teddy Bear to the children’s wing of your local hospital, and ask the nurse to deliver it to a child that could use the extra love.

December 9 – Offer to help in the kitchen.

December 10 – Do a chore for someone.

December 11 – Leave a treat for your mail carrier.

December 12 – Smile at everyone you see today.

December 13 – Give a compliment to a friend.

December 14 – Bring your teacher a yummy treat.

December 15 – Feed the birds.

December 16 – Tell someone a silly joke to make them laugh.

December 17 – Donate toys to your favorite charity.

December 18 – Let someone go ahead of you in line.

December 19 -  Pass out stickers to kids who are in a check-out line at the store. 

December 20 – Donate food to the local food pantry.

December 21 – Make cookies for a neighbor.

December 22 – Leave candy canes on cars in a parking lot or on your neighbor’s door knobs.

December 23 – Take treats to the fire station or police station.

December 24 – Sing a carol in front of your neighbor’s house or your grandma’s house.

December 25 – Call a faraway friend to say hello.

December 26 – Offer to sit for a friend’s young child to give his or her parents a bit of rest.

December 27 – Leave a bag of popcorn on a DVD rental machine as a special surprise movie-night treat.

December 28 – Hug your mom, your dad, your sibling.

December 29 – Spend some extra time playing with your dog or cat today. A long walk with your dog would be nice. 

December 30 – Call or video chat with a faraway family members to wish them a Happy New Year!

December 31 – Make a special snack for your family to enjoy and suggest a fun movie night at home.