Here I Am, Stuck In the Winter With You - 2

The following is a continuation of last month's bonus article. Still wondering what to do when you're stuck inside this winter? Here are more great ideas to get you unstuck.

Enjoy the ultimate comfort meal
Why, it’s grilled cheese and tomato soup, of course!



Organize a video game marathon
Video game Olympics – family style! Players and observers alike will have the best time. Just make sure to include everyone in the fun.

Bake something
Warm chocolate chip cookies – need I say more?

Popcorn and movie night
Just pop up those kernels (maybe search the web for great flavorings to add to your treat) and get comfy with your family and enjoy your favorite movies – or catch up on some you’ve missed in the theater



Exercise that brain
Sudoku, crosswords, jigsaw puzzles, so many ways to relax while giving your brain a good workout.

Board games
Break out the Monopoly, chess, Scrabble, Settlers of Catan or any of the other fun board games you have on hand. Clear off the kitchen table and game day begins!

Try yoga
There are plenty of beginner yoga sites online to get you started. It’ll feel so great to stretch out those muscles.