Guided Creativity for Summertime Fun

This month we have a suggestion for unique summertime fun. Guided creativity books provide fabulous quiet-time entertainment.  Nurturing creativity with a series of prompts, these books help to spark imagination, foster inventiveness, and encourage your child or teen to perhaps start looking at the world a little differently.  

Our teen recommendation is a book by Austin Kleon called The Steal Like an Artist Journal. It is an interactive journal, a place to get creative juices flowing and a fun way to keep a log of ideas, thoughts and discoveries. This is not a kid’s book at all, parents might want to purchase one for themselves and explore the prompts that lead the reader to think about things in an all new way, to let their creativity run wild and unfettered. 

steal like an artist journal.jpg

For younger children, Ed Emberley Drawing Books, is a series full of fun items to draw and definitely is not a “color within the lines” experience. You may want to sit next to your child to help explain the various activities, but the books are designed to be easily understood by even the youngest child and are full of activity examples for each exercise. Each book explores a different topic, so parents will easily find a book to suit their child’s fancy.  

ed emberley 4up.jpg

These books are readily available online at Amazon and Barnes and Noble or you can find them at your favorite local book shop, so pick one up, store it away and pull it out when school lets out and summer vacation begins!